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YD Wright-Giemsa Stain
is a Romanowsky neutral dye stain based on the combination of methylene blue azures as the basic dye component and eosin as the acid dye component .They are available for Hematology machine of Sysmex and Coulter
YD AFB stain
is The Ziehl-Neelsen (ZN) method uses .This stain is used to differentiate the genus Mycobacterium from most other bacteria
YD Gram stain
is the most commonly used differential stain for determining of the cell morphology of the microorganism.
YD EASYSTAIN (Orange G-6,EA50 and Hematoxylin)
technique is a polychrome method fashioned to exhibit differences in cellular morphology, maturity, and metabolic activity.
Harris Hematoxylin (For Papanicolaou stain)
Gill's-II Hematoxylin (for Tissue stain )
All YD stains are manufacture certified by GMP and ISO13485
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