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Real-time PCR-based Assay
MolecuTech Real MTB-ID ®
System for Differentiation of Mycobacterial Species(NTM) including MTB complex
Reverse Blot Hybridization Assay(REBA)
MolecuTech REBA Myco-ID®
Identification of 21 Mycobacterial Species Including MTB complex at once 21 NTM identified ,
M.fortuitum complex,etc
Diverse specimen: sputum, bronchial washed solution, body fluid, tissue, and cultured specimen.
YDs REBA Myco differenciate form M. abscessus to M. massiliense.
>> M. massiliense and M. abscessus are different drug susceptibility, important for clinical.
MolecuTech REBA MTB-MDR®
System for Determination Drug susceptibility of Rifampin and Isoniazid Susceptibility of MTB
High sensitivity and specificity by binding to target gene specific probe
Rifampin target: rpoB
Isoniazid target: katG, inhA , and ahpC intergenic region
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